THE bhi Builders guarantee

Our Guarantee to You

BHI Builders guarantees to deliver you a stress-free building process and a home that will be everything that you imagined – we stake our reputation on it. Here’s how…

Project Planning

Dallas and Mitch appreciate that you won’t have the benefit of seeing a finished house when you embark on a custom designed home tailored to your needs and your site.

Before proceeding WE WILL provide you with the necessary drawings, models, product information and explanations until we are satisfied that you are comfortable in the knowledge of what will be built for the tendered price.

Project Timeline

We understand that you aren’t as familiar as us with all the decisions that need to be made in order to build
 a house (and in what order).

WE WILL create and maintain a project timeline for your home (that you can monitor) which will keep you informed about the construction progress and upcoming selections that are required, giving you the utmost flexibility to make changes along the way to achieve your vision.

Progress Inspections

Building a new home is exciting and you will be keen to follow it’s progress.

WE WILL give you the opportunity to frequently visit your home during construction and we will arrange regular walk-throughs with the BHI team and important stages. We will reply to your queries promptly.

Maintenance Visits

We have been building long enough to know that your home sometimes needs to experience the full four seasons before any minor issues can become apparent.

For that reason WE WILL offer you a 12 MONTH maintenance period after completion, if necessary, to rectify any minor settlement and adjustment issues which are not deemed as normal.

Let’s Build Something

Please feel welcome to contact us to get your project started. We also offer a free downloadable guide to your building project that holds valuable information that we have gained over years of experience in the industry.