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Building your Dream Home

Congratulations on making the decision to create your ideal place of residence. Yes, there is risk associated with this exciting responsibility but BHI Builders is here to guide you through every step of the process. As the Manning Valleys leading custom-built homes specialist, BHI Builders take pride in educating and supporting you through the creation of your future.

BHI Builders use a proven, best practice, quality based approach that delivers Building Confidence to their clients so they will have peace of mind that their home will meet all expectations.

Dallas and Mitch Brown of BHI Builders have drawn on their first hand experience and knowledge of the building industry to create this guide.

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Ensuring a Rewarding Experience

BHI Builders want you to love your new home. That’s why they have developed this book to guide you through the ‘building journey’ that is creating your dream home. It contains many insights from first hand experience and is a valuable source of information for anyone that wants to be making informed choices about one of their biggest assets. Be prepared, know what to expect and make the process an enjoyable and rewarding experience. 

Some excerpts of what’s in the guide:-

Home Automation

Imagine if you could switch every light in your house on or off, control your home theatre system, water the garden, close your blinds, turn on your fireplace, manage your home security, control your pool equipment and heated floor system all from one touch screen or remote control….(read more in the book)


Have you ever wondered how properties featured in magazines look so charming? It’s connected to the way a home is decorated and furnished. When your custom-built home is created, the hard surfaces are complimented by the introduction of soft furnishings with the end result being a comfortable living space…(read more in the book)


Once you have decided on the design of your custom home, engineers need to work out how the structure is built. They need to be engaged to design the house footing, slab, walls, floor systems and roof. On sloping sites, engineers will also design the retaining wall system…(read more in the book)

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Please feel welcome to contact us to get your project started. We also offer a free downloadable guide to your building project that holds valuable information that we have gained over years of experience in the industry.